Chandra Keyser carrying La Borsa Black Leather Shoulder Bag, with Prada Boots and Misha Nonoo Black Blazer Dress

Inspired by the addictive and ambitious energy of New York City and the calm tranquility of the Italian countryside. These two diverse cultures teach me the value of simple luxuries, to seek beauty in nature and the importance of the present moment. I believe when we pause and appreciate our surroundings, whether calm or chaotic, we can channel the energy, create the unexpected and feel fulfilled doing something we love—like designing luxury accessories.

The accessories are handcrafted in Tuscany by master artisans with meticulous detail, patience and exceptional quality materials. Our second generation, Italian family-owned factory is committed to zero-waste, sustainable practices since 1960. Craft and quality for longevity is our pursuit.

We believe beauty and confidence comes from within. By design, our label is within